Children’s vision

Children's eye testsAt Samantha Parker Optometrist we have a real passion for children’s eyecare. Regular eye examinations are essential in ensuring a child’s normal visual development.

Should significant refractive errors or squints be missed, permanently impaired vision can result. We see all children free under the NHS and recommend at the very least an annual check up until the age of 16. We have several specialist assessments to enable us to ascertain a child’s quality of vision, and should a correction be required this can be provided in the form of spectacles or increasingly contact lenses.

We specialise in brands that we are truly passionate about. We source beautifully crafted spectacle frames from some of the most innovative and exciting designers around the world.

We do have a high quality range of more modestly priced frames to suit the vast majority of budgets and ages, the quality of which may be quite a revelation.