Eye examinations

The refraction of the eye and the prescribing of spectacles is an art. It takes years of experience and training to perfect and is a process that cannot be rushed. The length of every appointment is tailored to individual need.

As a result of this philosophy all of our patients benefit from an absolute continuity of unrushed care – we believe this sets us apart in our field. In addition to our commitment to refractive excellence we always strive to invest in the latest technology, and are now delighted to offer OCT retinal scanning within the practice. This optional service can be extended to your eye examination and allows us to study the eyes in incredible detail. 

The OCT scan takes only a few minutes yet offers you the peace of mind of monitoring for very early detection of possible eye problems, that can lead to timely treatment and better outcomes.This highly specialised form of medical imaging also helps in the early detection of conditions in your  general health, in particular hypertension and diabetes, and allows us to record precisely your ocular health for reference to in future eye examinations.